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The 10 best detox diet tips for weight loss- get your beach body on!

Read about the Best detox diet tips for weightloss

DETOX CLEANSINGWouldn’t you like to get your body in shape for the summer without the need to starve yourself or feel hungry?

And how about busting the number one diet myth that diet and weight-loss product manufacturers don’t want you to know about?

We all know from the huge number of celebrities doing body cleanses that detoxifying your diet can result in dramatic weight loss, but what you may not realize is that rapid weight loss can lead to sagging skin and increased cellulite.

But when done the right way, weight loss detoxes actually promote increased fat burning, dissolve cellulite and even help to tighten up flabby skin too.

Get body beautiful benefits

What’s more, with a healthy approach, you can enjoy all these body beautiful benefits without going hungry, or feeling deprived at all.

So what is the real secret to fast, healthy inch loss, and that toned beach body you crave?

Health and weight loss experts like Dr Oz will tell you that body detoxification is a long term solution to your weight (and health) issues.

So to help boost your healthy weight loss goals here are Vita Chi’s 7 simple tips to detoxify and slim down your body for life.

Tip 1: Alkalize Your Body:

Everyday we consume food that is very acidic including refined grains like refined grains (mostly white bread), sugar, processed foods, alcohol and animal protein.

This acid forming diet has a negative effect on every function of your body by stressing your detox organs while depriving your cells of essential oxygen and health giving nutrients.

Toxic cells lead to a weight gain and cellulite

The reason acidic pH is such a problem for you is that when your cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients they can not detoxify adequately.

Toxic cells lead to a series of health and beauty problems like weight gain, food cravings, blotchy skin, trouble losing weight and lumpy, bumpy cellulite.

How to reset your pH to the right level

What your body really wants and needs is to maintain a pH level of 7.365 – you can help your body along and improve your detox and cleansing results by following a simple, yet healthy diet consisting mainly of food that is all natural, fresh, live, high in fibre and has a higher water content.

Tip 2: Eat Fresh “Clean” Foods

Staying with the alkalizing theme, What your body really wants and needs for detoxification and health is fresh live foods.

Eat a rainbow.

Simply increasing the number of fruits and veggies you eat to a minimum of 9 per day (eat your greens and every other colour of the rainbow), and adding fresh lemon juice to the water you drink, will help stabilize your pH level resulting in a faster detox, increased fat burning, smoother looking skin and a stronger immune system.

In addition fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which all assist in detoxification. You will also be getting plenty of natural fibre which will absorb toxins from your colon and helps to remove them from your system.

Tip 3: Eat Organic Whenever You Can

Ther’s no getting away from it, industrial and farming chemicals are in most of our foods.

Non-organic fruit and vegetable are covered in the stuff and it won’t all wash off. Pesticide residues turn up, not just on fruit and vegetables, but in bread, canned and frozen foods and even in baby food products.

Do you suffer with toxic overload symptoms?

Hundreds of chemicals find there way into our bodies and this simply increases the toxic load our organs have to deal with – toxic overload brings on all the negative consequences we have already discussed, such as and a whole bunch more.

How to get more vitamins for your money

Pound for pound, fruits and vegetables grown organically or pesticide free have been shown to have higher levels of vitamins antioxidants than both GMO and commercially grown ones. They also taste better and have a longer shelf life naturally.

Tip 4: Work Up A Sweat

Your body is designed to move. A couch potato body (or one sitting at a desk all day) doesn’t function as well as an active one, and this applies to your body’s detoxification systems as well.

Why? Because when the body is not active, neither are your detoxification systems. These include your lungs, liver, kidneys, bowel and your circulatory and lymphatic system.

Luckily for you, just about any activity will help you detox. However there are some types of exercise that help you to detox better than other.

What’s the best exercise for detoxification?

Rebound exercise is the best lymph-pumping exercise known. So,  jumping up and down in a swimming pool, or on a a mini-trampoline, using a skipping rope, and vibration plate workouts are best for detoxification purposes.

Include these exercises in your detox regime and you will see results fast.

Tip 5: Drink Much More Pure Water

Did you know that most Americans don’t get enough water? There is a dehydration epidemic going on and it’s making you fatter.

Water helps you burn fat

TRUE! It’s a scientifically proven FACT that when you drink 2.5 liters (5 pints) of pure water every day your body actually burns more fat.

This tip may sound like a tough call if you are like the average person who drinks coffee and sodas but water actually helps you to lose weight faster.

If you’re conditioned to not drink enough water it can be a challenge to make this change. But stick with it.

Replace the caffeine and sodas (yes especially the diet ones) with pure, filtered or mineral water for a fat burning, belly busting bonus that takes no time or effort at all.

Tip 6: Eat Healthy Fats

Your body needs healthy fat in order to burn fat, so if you’ve taken to cutting out fat in your diet, it’s time to put the right kind of it back in.

The fats we are looking for are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. These include omega 3 and 6 oils.

Foods that contain healthy fats

  • Avocados, olive oil and Hemp oil, which has the highest ratio of “good fats” of any vegetable seed oil.
  • Salmon, Sardines, Orange roughy and mackerel.
  • Nuts and seeds including Sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and chia seeds, brazil nuts, walnuts and peanut butter.
  • And lets not forget the most important detox oil of all – raw unprocessed coconut oil

These foods will actually increase your fat loss efforts, and help prevent (and improve the look of) sagging skin, so add them to your daily diet and don’t be afraid of them.

Tip 7: Ditch The Junk Food

Remove colon clogging, junk foods from your diet

We all know that some foods are better, and more nutritious for your body than others. This is particularly true when you’re looking to improve your weight loss results with a detox diet

Certain foods are known to harm, and inhibit your body functions, while other foods help to heal and improve or enhance them.

The foods will you want to avoid

If you want to get the most from your detox cleanse are fast foods, processed ‘junk’ foods, and deep fried foods.

Many processed foods, such as baked goods, fast food and potato chips, are high in calories, saturated and hydrogenated fats, sodium or sugar and white flour which acts just like a glue in your colon.

Furthermore they are lacking in natural fibers, vitamins and minerals and the key nutrients that support a healthy weight loss, a strong skeleton, heart, brain, immune and digestive system.

Tip 8: Cut Out The Coffee

For die hard coffee lovers the very idea of cutting out the morning brew can feel like purgatory so let me explain why coffee builds belly fat and how cutting back and removing it from your diet helps you to detox.

Well it seems that when we drink coffee, our bodies produce the hormone cortisol — the same chemical that we produce when we’re stressed or scared. This increases blood sugar levels, and it’s this that is turned into fat.

Stress hormone cortisol creates belly fat

To make matters worse, a U.S. study suggests if cortisol is raised for a prolonged period, the body also relocates fat deposits from other parts straight to the to your tummy. And let’s face it,  that’s the area most people want to flatten.

To make matters worse, many folk load coffee drinks with sugar and milk. There are also the cakes, biscuits and sugary breakfasts and we have with coffee – and for the smokers, well at least one cigarette with every cup.

All this adds to the calorie count and increases the toxic and chemical load on your organs that you are trying to clean up.

So for the sake of that beach body cut right back on your Java and make the occasional coffee a special treat once a week.

Tip 9: Stop Smoking

This is a touchy subject for many people so I am not going to labour over it.

We all know that Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 different chemicals, at least 50 are known to be carcinogens (cause cancer in humans) and many are poisonous.

All those toxins stress the body and its detoxification organs so your body just can’t work efficiently.

Enough said.

Tip 10: Use A Good Quality Detox Weight Loss Supplement Daily

Although your body naturally detoxifies itself, in our modern industrial world your detoxification organs may need a little help in doing the job more efficiently.

Supplements designed as internal colon and cellular cleanses help support and stimulate your body to shed nasty toxins more easily than a detox diet will do alone.

When it comes to detoxing for weight loss a few good products also contain fat burning herbs in their formula such as Green Coffee.

Green Coffee is a completely different animal to the coffee you get in Starbucks, here’s why.

Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. These coffee beans contain a higher amount of the fat burning chemical, than roasted coffee.

Chlorogenic acid is the key to the weight loss benefits of green coffee. But is destroyed in the roasting process used to make the coffee drinks we are all familiar with.

According to Dr Oz and naturopathic doctor Lindsey Duncan, Green coffee “bean extract will bring an enormous boost to weight loss if taken daily”

Chlorogenic acid signals your liver to burn stored fat FIRST. It also slows the processing of sugar into glucose, so there is less of it in your blood. It helps balance and lower blood sugar.

In addition Green Coffee extract boosts more fat burning, and it keeps on working to inhibit excess glucose from turning into fat later. So there is an immediate benefit as well as the longer term one

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Here at Vita Chi we unashamedly recommend our own product of Green Coffee Detox Cleanse because quite simply it works.  We would love you to check out our reviews on and hear what our other customers have to say about it.

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