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Vita Chi Green COffee Colon Cleanse:

This is our propirtary 15-Day Detox Plus Weight Loss Combo with Green Coffee Extract as a fat burner bonus.

Clinical strength formula. Containing 19 highest quality, natural ingredients |1 Bottle – 60 Caps.

  1. PURIFY & DETOXIFY YOUR BODY – ELIMINATE WASTE & TOXINS – All natural, colon cleanse detox Weight Loss Combo
  2. Softens stool, and increases bowl movement frequency to help you feel fresh and clean
  3. Made and manufactured in world class GMP certified facilities in the USA
  4. Look great and feel lighter fast: Helps to rapidly reduce both weight and waist size!
  5. FREE BONUS: Detox your body “recipe book” with 7 day easy meal planer (Value $27) included


Our Green Coffee Bean Colon Cleanser contains:
Bentonite Clay, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Fennel Seed, Senna, Acidophilus, Oat Bran, Cascara Sagada Cape Aloe, Ginger, Goldenseal, Pumpkin Seed, Buckthorn Root, Citrus Pectin, Licorice Root, Flax Seed Oil, Rhubarb, Cayenne Pepper, Prune Juice.



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